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Demon Lord

Hurray, managed to unlock Cipher (and Pixy’s) skins for the PC version of Assault Horizon. Quite a challenge given how dead multiplayer is.
…and the fact I abhor player vs player in Ace Combat… 

In my opinion the greatest ace that ever took to the skies of Strangereal,

Using just a ‘lowly’ F-15C Eagle, Cipher took on the entire might of the Belkan Air Force, downing numerous legendary squadrons and even his former wingman in the vastly superior Morgan.

You can find the full-size 1080p version on my Steam account!


X-02A Primary Function

Length- 21.84 meters
Height- 4.36 meters (unswept), 3.42 meters (swept)
Wingspan- 18.3 meters (unswept), 11.54 meters (swept)
Speed- Mach 2.5-plus
Range- 1050km
Weight- 16,800kg

Think I read those schematics right…

Erusea may be jerks, but damn they made a fine piece of machinery.

Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies was fun, but I had a blast flying this in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.

Variable-wing jet fighters are the best, especially the F-14, but this one takes the cake for being a fictional stealth fighter than some have confused for a real-life prototype. The EASA sure knows how to build fancy warplanes.

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