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How Animal Crossing’s creepy sheep came to life ⊟

The minds behind Animal Crossing: New Leaf gave a wonderful presentation at the Game Developers Conference about how creating a diverse team — nearly half of the group, led by co-director Aya Kyogoku, were women — helped produce a super successful title with broad appeal. Nintendo has sold over 7.3 million copies, and around 18% of 3DS owners bought the game.

Along with promoting diversity in its team, the group encouraged all of its members to submit their ideas for what to include in New Leaf. That’s why some of the concept images for characters here looks like straight-up DeviantArt uploads. Shout-outs to that corner piece for the sectional sofa, though — that joint changed the game, for real. No shout-outs to Pietro, the terrifying clown sheep. Get out of here, man.

Images via @Gamasutra and @Samuel_IGN

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Pokemon XY, ACNL's stages in Smash 3DS ⊟

Neat, it’s Lumiose City! Hopefully this is the post-patch version. I’m not sure if this is a 3DS-exclusive stage for the new Smash Bros., but the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai did provide this comment on the level: “The Prism Tower rises above Lumiose City. Up until a few seconds ago, the fighters were brawling on top of that tower.”

This Animal Crossing: New Leaf stage, though, is 3DS-only (the Wii U version has City Folk's Smashville). Sakurai offered these details on Tortimer Island: “On this stage, fighters are randomly placed on a different island layout every time they visit.” Hopefully they cleared all the wharf roaches.

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